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9 Foods That Have Been Renamed

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9 Foods That Have Been Renamed

What's in a name? that which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet - Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare

Star crossed lover Juliet may not have been picky when it came to suitor's names, but when it comes to food names, us consumers take it very seriously indeed. In fact a food name can make or break its consumer appeal and ultimately impact on its market success.

Food names are so laden with consumer preconceptions, however misleading, that sometimes the only way to up their appeal is with some clever renaming. For example, take the unappealing yet aptly named 'slimehead fish' – all visions of a mucous filled fish face are long ignored and forgotten along with its new name; 'orange roughy'.

Think about the beloved kiwi fruit which spiralled to success once it shed its previous name of Chinese gooseberry, or the controversial high-fructose corn syrup which side dodged negative attention by some clever marketing and adopting a less volatile name.

The folks at have put together a fun list of another 9 foods that have been renamed to make consumers perceive them as more attractive and essentially more likely to command a higher price – after all why eat prunes when you can have dried plums?

Have a look and see where else you may have been duped or even pleasantly surprised.

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Foods That Have Been Renamed to Get You to Buy Them


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