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27 Foods that Don't Translate so Well Across the Pond

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27 Foods that Don't Translate so Well Across the Pond
Photo Nicolas Raymond / Flickr

Tired of being misunderstood or ordering something you really hadn't anticipated? This handy infographic from The Savory should help clear up a few differences of food names that haven't translated so well across the pond.

If you are a Brit that fancies a biscuit and a cup of tea in the USA, dont' be surprised when you are presented with a version of a scone rather than a dunkable rich tea, fancy some chips with your burger, you get get the picture.

Vegetables are a whole other ball game. Knowing your capsicum from your bell peppers and your courgette from your zucchini is going to get you far.

From aubergine to trotters or eggplant to pig's feet, this is a nice reminder of some of the differences. (Before we even get started on pronounciation herbs v erbs etc.)

Via The Savory

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