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7 Money Saving Food Swaps

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7 Money Saving Food Swaps

We recently highlighted a number of ingredient food swap guides at FDL HQ. From baking substitutions, to gluten free food swaps and the rise of the ‘without’ menu trend.

The latest infographic to offer some simple substitution suggestions is this one from Quick Quid which aims to save us all money with some quick substitutions for expensive ingredients.

If you work in the kitchen or just find you have extremely expensive tastes when it comes to cooking at home, this is a good place to start for some simple money saving tips.

For example: If you’re craving matsutake mushroom opt for morels as a much cheaper and equally tasty alternative, got a hankering for caviar but don’t want to spend the big money, instead go get some black lumpfish caviar - a much cheaper alternative to sturgeon caviar.

There’s seven different substitutions listed in total, take a look and let us know if you have any other suggestions.




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