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9 Handy Guides to Everyday Food Substitutions

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9 Handy Guides to Everyday Food Substitutions

If you find yourself running out of everyday ingredients at a critical point in a recipe, catering for specific dietary requirements and thinking there must be a healthier ingredient than this, there is, and the answer is: Food Substitutions.

Food substitutions will help you out of many a kitchen scrape and may not only be cheaper than the original, but healthier, suitable for vegans or just a great alternative ingredient to have to hand when you don't want to sacrifice on flavour or texture. 

Here are nine handy guides to food substitutions:

1. 11 Vegan and Gluten Free Baking Substitutions

Step away from the dairy and you'll find a new world of substitutes for essential components of the baking process, including sweeteners, flour, leavening agents, fats, binding sources and foods that add moisture to baked goods and will help you say goodbye to milk and eggs.


2. 27 Baking and Cooking Substitutions

When you get caught short mid-recipe without the nominated ingredient there's probably a food substitution that will save you downing tools. No breadcrumbs? No problem, use crushed bran cereal or rolled oats to achieve a similar effect. Find out what to use for lemon juice and more with these nifty tips.

3. 23 Ingredient Substitutions

Substituting one ingredient for another can help you get to know the qualities you are looking for, including the texture and flavour. Once you have a better understanding of your ingredient you'll have a much clearer idea on how to substitute it. Here's a handy guide to 23 everyday ingredients and a great starting point.

4. 7 Food Swaps for Expensive Ingredients

If you or someone you know has expensive food tastes it doesn't mean you have to break the bank. It just requires a little careful planning and creativity. Here are seven easily substituted ingredients that'll save the dent in the household budget.

5. 18 Money Saving Ingredient Swaps

Reduce your monthly shopping bill with a few nifty ingredient swaps and you'll start to see the rewards. After all who needs Champagne when you have sparkling cider vinegar?

6. Food Craving Substitutions

Sometimes it can be better for your health to substitute those sweet cravings with something that'll satisfy without the excessive calorie count. 

Here are some of the common cravings tackled:

7. 11 Healthy Food Substitutions

We all love full flavoured ingredients, but sometimes there's another way of getting the food fix without the calorie count. Think sweet potatoes over normal potatoes and even cauliflower rice over brown rice.

8. 5 Milk Substitutes

When it comes to substituting dairy milk there are several plant options available. Take a look and see what you could be trying instead:

9.  Low Carb Baking Substitutes

We've got your low carb baking needs covered with this guide to seven substitutes from coconut to chia. Discover them all here.

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