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Spray Paint for Food

By FDL on

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Spray Paint for Food

Would you care for a gold chicken sir? This might not sound like a question you'd expect to hear in a restaurant but it could sadly be the case with the development of these strange food spray paints.

They offer people the chance to raid their kitchen transforming fruit, veg - any ingredients they can get their hands on - with layers of gold, silver, red and blue. After all, what's a strawberry if it's not finished in shiny silver paint?

The Deli Garage who developed the edible spray say the product is completely neutral in taste and harmless to eat, but even with that reassurance the finished product is odd at best, maybe we're just not convinced with the idea of eating a gold tomato.

Also, the recipes for each color read like some poor kid's failed attempts at sinking a battleship they were sure their opponent placed somewhere around E... E943a, E943b, E944,E555, E171, E172 - and that's just for the gold.

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