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Quiz: Can You Match the Mother and Daughter Sauces?

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Quiz: Can You Match the Mother and Daughter Sauces?

In 1903, Georges Auguste Escoffier, building on the work of Marie-Antoine Carȇme, identified the five mother sauces of French cuisine in his book Le Guide Culinaire:  espagnole, velouté, béchamel, hollandaise and sauce tomate. These were the five sauces on which French gastronomy was to be built according to Escoffier and from which, with the addition of a handful of ingredients, the daughter sauces were to derive.

In tribute to Escoffier, who was born 170 years ago this month, why not take this fun food quiz and see if you can match the 10 daughter sauces to their mothers? Once you've completed the quiz, you can read more about mother and daughter sauces here. Good luck!



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