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Food Therapy: Three Prescriptions for Melancholy

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Food Therapy: Three Prescriptions for Melancholy

The Melancholic humour, consisting of Black Bile, is cold and dry in temperament.
Since its primary quality is cold, the vast majority of herbs and medicines used to adjust and regulate the Melancholic humour when it is out of balance are hot and moistening in nature.

Apothecary remedy
One half ounce of swallows, macerated with pestle and mortar, mixed with many herbs and spices, soaked in white wine, strained and dried in the sun for 5 weeks. Then take 2 and half ounces bees, burnt to ashes, add to this German chamomile by the handful and macerate again with pestle and mortar till finely crushed.

Housewife remedy
Oxymel is made from honey and apple cider vinegar, and is a great tonic for purifying the system of excessive, morbid or aggravated Black Bile; it is also useful for bringing down chills. Take one part vinegar, two parts honey, and four parts water. Boil these down by a third or a fourth, simmering the mixture slowly and skimming off the foam. The simmering will remove the raw acidity of the vinegar, blending it in perfectly with the honey.

Physician remedy
To balance humours is important to avoid food that are rough and dry, instead you must eat food that is warm and moist, such as new hazelnuts (warm) and pineapple (moist).
Dark red or blueberries will increase the flow of blood, such as blackberries, blueberries, cherries, sour cherries, black currants, red grapes and wine, pomegranates and raisins. You should flavour your food with pungent and aromatic spices to improve its digestibility, such as Cumin, Coriander and Dill.

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