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Food Pictures of Amazing Dishes

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Food Pictures of Amazing Dishes

FDL's resident food explorer Rasmus - AKA Enfoodie - has once again been traveling the world discovering some amazing treats, new found recipes and some of the best food we've seen this month at FDL HQ.

He's recently been to Alain Ducasse's world famous Louis XV in Monte Carlo, he's also been discovering some of his native land of Sweden with a visit to Magnus Nillson of Fäviken Magasinet.

Below you'll find a collection of some of the dishes he has devoured and on the Enfoodie site you'll find even more wonderful dishes.

Louis XV - Olive oil bread with fresh and crisp raw vegetables, tuna belly, anchovies and Taggiasche olive oil...

Louis XV - Risotto with Parmesan cheese, chanterelles, garlic, crispy parsley and juicy frog's legs

Loius XV - Cod with a beautiful Rouille sauce and saffron

Fäviken Magasinet - The main man Magnus Nillson

Fäviken Magasinet - Scallop cooked over burning juniper branches

Fäviken Magasinet - Wild trout roe served in a warm crust of dried pig’s blood

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