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Food Photography Tips and Tricks

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Food Photography Tips and Tricks

With the rise of better, smaller and cheaper cameras many people have now taken up food photography - even if it's not for professional purposes, with blogs, social networks like Instagram and smart phone cameras getting better every year the number of people taking food pictures has increased considerably.

Taking pictures of food is fun - each dish is different, you can spend hours editing and playing with them after they're snapped, it's a good way of remembering a decent meal and an even better way of showing the world what a great dish you've just tried.

But if, like many, you're not a professional and this is something you do for fun you'll understand that there's some dishes that are just impossible to snap - bad lighting, funny angles or a dish that just doesn't seem to look right on camera.

The tricks to overcome these sort of obstacle are learnt over many years but the Guardian have printed a great guide full of food photography tips. It looks at lighting, set design and how food photography has changed over the past few years, from over perfect plates with artificial light to dishes that keep their imperfections and basque in natural light.

It's a great look at food photography in the 2012 and offers some easy to implement tips for the next time you take a food snap.

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