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Pizza Panic Button

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Pizza Panic Button

Imagine a button you could press every time you wanted a pizza - a button that once it senses the touch of your pizza yearning fingers automatically dials your local pizza chain and places your order. It sounds like the dream of a famous yellow cartoon character called Homer but is infact reality.

The Red Tomato pizza shop in Dubai has launched what they're calling 'The VIP Fridge Magnet'. Placed on a customers fridge the magnet connects to pizza lover's phone through bluetooth and as soon as the pizza magnet is pressed automatically orders their favorite pizza.

It's a great publicity campaign capped off by the fact the company have also released a video of the magnet in action. Pizza often falls into the extreme PR categories with Dominos announcing their idea for a pizza shop on the moon last year and before that Pizza Hut delivering a pizza to the International Space Station.

Take that into account and an automatic pizza panic button seems a fairly normal idea. Here's their promo video which looks like a sort of movie / pizza hybrid - coming to a cinema near you trailer - for a film possibly titled, Lord of The Minority Pizza Reports...


Source: Mashable

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