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7 Great Food Leftover Recipes

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7 Great Food Leftover Recipes

Using food leftovers often comes down to good ideas on how they can be rehashed – unless the original meal was really, really good, you probably don’t want to eat the exact same plate again.

That’s where this useful food infographic comes in handy. Produce by Happy to Survive, it looks at leftovers with an eye for using them to create an entirely new dish.

The simple chart looks at breakfast, lunch and dinner and offers two simple recipes that can easily be used to reduce your own food waste in the kitchen.

There’s also a bonus section on making tasty juices using some of the ingredients you haven’t used while cooking.

Leftovers and food waste are becoming a bigger issue across the industry. A number of chefs have started working towards reducing their own waste, and there have been some clever apps to help with the problem, while more recently, France and Italy both passed laws to stop supermarkets from throwing away excessive amounts of waste food.

This chart is your chance to rethink your own food leftovers situation.



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