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10 Spirits and Liqueurs Around the World Worth Trying

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10 Spirits and Liqueurs Around the World Worth Trying

When it comes to discovering new wines or craft beers we're pretty open minded and perhaps even more so when it comes to tracking down that ultimate cocktail. But why is it when it comes to spirits and liqueurs we can become comparatively unadventurous? If you find yourself sticking to tried and tested favourites, like gin or vodka, and feel like a change, read on.

There's a rich and varied world of liqueurs and spirits out there just waiting to be explored, from curious fermented beverages to exotic fruit and 400 year old historical recipes. This insightful infographic Beverage Labels helps us fill in some gaps by guiding us through 10 spirits and liquers from around the world worth trying, from Africa, Japan and Bermuda to Serbia, France, Greece and Germany.

Each different bottle is pictured along with the method of preparation, the alcohol content, the best way to enjoy it, as well as some interesting anecdotes. Whilst you might recognise the bottle or name, how many can you profess to having tried?

Did you know that the distinctive Amarula bottle boasts an elephant on its label because elephants are notoriously fond of the marula fruit from which the African creamy liqueur is produced? Or that the Greek brandy Metaxa was the first alcoholic drink to be drunk in space?

Try mixing things up next time you're out, from the French elixir of life to the German bear hunter, or if you're feeling really brave, there's always the 75% proof Dark n Stormy!

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