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10 Most Expensive Beers in 2014

By FDL on

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10 Most Expensive Beers in 2014

With the craft beer movement continuing to expand, there’s a strong collection of different craft beers from all over the world available. Sweet, spicy, dark, golden, strong, light and even some beers that are priced way over what you might expect them to cost. This infographic from The Goodale Miller Team looks at 10 of the most expensive craft beers from 2014 and you’re going to be surprised at just how expensive some beers can get.

The lists of 10 most expensive beers starts with a Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844 described as German caramel malts with American cascade hops at $44 for 750ml bottle and goes up to the Antarctic Nail Ale costing up to $1,800 for a 500ml bottle with all the drinks in between.

Each listing offers up the price and some details on just why they cost so much, like the case of the Antarctic Nail Ale and it’s brew from pure Antartctic iceberg. Just in case you find yourself pouring one of these expensive brews, here's a bonus video of 4 different beer pouring techniques put to the test. 


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