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34 Desserts Around the World

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34 Desserts Around the World

There’s somethings truly satisfying when a meal ends strongly. When a dessert stands out and says - look at me, I’m not merely the last plate, the book stop on your menu, I’m a dish in my own right and I’m a damn tasty dish. Ok, you get it, I loves me a good dessert - especially if it speaks to me at the table.

When travelling, ordering a new type of dessert is one of my favourite things to do and this food infographic from The Vanilla Valley is going to help decide exactly what to order the next time I’m in a foreign land.

It lists 34 different desserts from all over the world with a brief description on exactly what they are and how they are made.

The infographic also offers up some facts and figures about people’s love of the mighty dessert.



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    you missed all the desserts from Peru. Why even go through the trouble of making this? it's useless

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