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5 Cool Climate Wines Explained in a Neat Infographic

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5 Cool Climate Wines Explained in a Neat Infographic

When we think about the origins of fine wines we naturally conjure up images of sun drenched grapes basking in Californian sunshine, hazy French vineyards and lazy afternoon picnics with a bottle of red, to dramatic sun sets over Tuscan vine packed hills.

Well park those romantic images for just a moment, put on a coat, and prepare to be whisked away to five frostier wine producing climes around the world. have created an interesting infographic on cold climate wines that reminds us that there are some great wines coming out of some far colder places, like really cold. 

From the mountainous extremes of New Zealand to the ice wine producing district of Niagara Peninsula in Canada this great infographic explains just what wines we should be looking out for from each extreme wine producing region and how the colder climate makes that wine so special.

So next time you sit back and enjoy the intense mango and apricot notes of a glass of ice wine spare a thought for those frozen Vidal grapes picked at -12 degrees Celsius.



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