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36 Foods and How to Grill Them

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36 Foods and How to Grill Them

Grilling season is firmly upon us and as many of you get ready to head outside to get your cook on here’s a handy infographic that’s sure to help improve your grilling.

You’re going to need a watch and a meat thermometer and from there it’s simple. The infographic, created by Column Five, lists the time ammount of time you need to cook a number of different foods and also suggests whether you’re aiming for a low, medium or high heat when cooking them. 

For example, a quick look at the chart shows you that a burger, around three to four inches thick, should cook on  direct high heat for around nine minutes.

Of course, you’re still going to have to use your common sense when grilling to make sure all foods are cooked correctly but this is certainly a good starting point, especially if you're grilling all sorts of different foods. 


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