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Food Carving Guiness World Record

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Food Carving Guiness World Record
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Mirco Della Vecchia, one of Italy’s most revered and talented chocolatiers and the producer of artisanal chocolate with which he invents jewellery in “black gold”, earned the Guinness World Record Title for the word’s largest chocolate sculpture: a replica of Milan’s Duomo cathedral. It measures one and a half metres high, two metres long and weighs 5 tons and 370 kilos.

Della Vecchia, an artist with a passion for architecture, has also created magnificent sculptures in white chocolate. The world’s greatest structures, like the L’arc du triomphe of Paris, the Parthenon in Atehns, the Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum, Egyptian temples  and Stonehenge no longer hold any secrets for him.

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