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Food and Wine Pairing Made Easy

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Food and Wine Pairing Made Easy
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You may be a novice or you may be pretty hot on food and wine pairing, but there's no harm in brushing up on your knowledge now and again. 

The infographic from Wine Folly below matches a variety of foods to different wines, from bold reds to sweet whites.

It also delves deeper, showing how specific ingredients in a dish can match to different wines and where they intersect, so you can pick the perfect pairing every time.

It's a simple, but thorough guide to wine pairing, great if you're new to wine pairing and a useful tool for the more knowledgeable wine lovers too, whether you're picking out a bottle for home or navigating a wine list in a restaurant. 

Wine Folly produce some fanastic wine infographics, which you should definitely check out if you're a wine fan, like this one explaining wine body and colour and this guide to the wine regions of Italy

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Original Source: Food and Wine Pairing Method


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