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7 Food and Drinks That'll Help Cure A Hangover

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7 Food and Drinks That'll Help Cure A Hangover
Photo Evan Blaser/Flickr

Is a Bloody Mary your best bet at beating a hangover? Will coffee help? How on Earth can you possibly cure a hangover? You'll be happy to find some answers in this handy infographic from Gourmandia.

While some hangover staples like eggs and tomato juice will make you feel better you might be surprised to find out you should avoid coffee. Why? Because a cup of joe will actually contribute to your dehydration, which was already induced by the consumption of alcohol.

You'll want to replenish lost electrolytes with coconut water and increase your potassium levels with bananas. What else can you eat or drink to cure a hangover? Check out the answers below (just click on the image to enlarge):

Food and Drinks to Cure Hangover
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