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7 Ways To Cook Foie Gras Like A Chef

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7 Ways To Cook Foie Gras Like A Chef

While it is banned in some places foie gras is still one of the most popular ingredients of haute cuisine. Chefs adore its creaminess and versatility. Foie gras can easily be turned into a terrine, whipped into a cream or seared to perfection and paired with other ingredients. The possibilities are endless as you'll see in the recipes below.

Being such an expensive ingredient, you'll want to make sure you get things right. These foie gras recipes will guide you on the technique required to achieve extraordinary results. 

Foie Gras Recipe #1

German chef Christian Lohse shares his recipe for a baked egg served atop foie gras and a mushroom and onion confit. Just divine!

Learn how to make it.

Foie Gras Recipe #2

If you love beets you'll enjoy this creative recipe from Russian chef Anatoly Komm. It features hot borscht soup with foie gras and sour cream.

Get this foie gras recipe here.

Foie Gras Recipe #3

This terrine of foie gras is a classic preparation that is enhanced with rhubarb compote and raspberry and ginger chutney. The recipe was shared with FDL by chef Marco Ghioldi.

Find the recipe here.

Foie Gras Recipe #4

Have you ever thought of pairing foie gras with raw beef? The combination is a hit in this appetizer recipe for beef sashimi with foie gras from Milanese chef Matias Perdomo.

Click here for the recipe.

Foie Gras Recipe #5

Italian chef Massimo Bottura offers a completely inventive way of using foie gras. He turns this delicate ingredient into a croccantino of foie gras, essentially crunchy popsicles filled with balsamic vinegar.

Learn how to make this exciting recipe.

Foie Gras Recipe #6

Eggplant, foie gras, beef and miso are all you'll need to make these delectable Japanese rolls. It is an appetizer recipe by chef Yoshikazu Ninomiya from restaurant Osaka.

Find the recipe here.

Foie Gras Recipe #7

Here is a seafood appetizer by Milanese chef Roberto Okabe. He pairs tuna tartar with caramelized eggplant and foie gras.

Click here for the recipe.

More About Foie Gras

If you have reservations about foie gras, check out this Ted Talk from acclaimed chef Dan Barber. The chef talks about how sustainable foie gras can be possible.

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