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12-courses, $120 and The Chef's Just 14!

By FDL on

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12-courses, $120 and The Chef's Just 14!

At just 14-years-old American born Flynn McGarry is hoping to wow diners at his Eureka pop restaurant with a 12-course tasting menu that costs $120 per person at the BierBeisl restaurant in Beverly Hills

Far from being a PR stunt McGarry actually began hosting pop up restaurants as early as 11 inside his mum's house. Still a teenager, he has worked with an all-star list of chefs, including Grant Achtaz and Daniel Humm and plans to continue traveling the world to gain more experience with the greats.Speaking to Bloomberg about his latest pop up which is coming on August 7th, the young chef, showing a surprising maturity, said: “A cook’s brain involves just doing everything the way someone tells them to, a chef’s brain is about thinking, ‘How will I do it?’ and ‘How I would do it better?’ Whether I see a recipe on the Internet or in a cookbook, I learn it once and it’s implanted on my brain.”

McGarry is part of a growing number of younger and younger chefs who are looking to step out into the world and show off their talents. FDL also interviewed Dylan Carter a young Australian chef with a similar appetite for success and an equally impressive list of work experience.

Speaking about the Eureka pop up, the owner of BierBeisl, Bernhard Mairinger, who has offered McGarry the venue to use on Wednesdays when his restaurant is closed, said: “He’s into every little detail, everything has to be perfect.”

At $120 a pop and diner's expectations set high, attention to detail is something the young is is surely going to need and from the video below, which shows one of the young chefs other events, it seems he's certainly on the right track. 

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  • tonyc said on

    $120 for 12 courses. cheap compared to a lot of fine dining menus.

  • Pwest9 said on

    His age is not the point. 120 dollars is just ramping up the price of restaurant dishes which will exclude so many food lovers. Good luck to him but a big no on prices

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