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A Visual Guide to Flowers You Can Eat

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A Visual Guide to Flowers You Can Eat
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Edible flowers serve as the perfect eye catching garnish in cocktails and sophisticated plating on a night out, but did you know that there are plenty of other tasty flowers you can eat closer to home.

In fact, it might surprise you to know that there more edible flowers at the mercy of your appetite than you realise. Perhaps growing on your lawn, in your flowerbeds, between the cracks in the paving, or even lurking in a bunch of flowers from an admirer? 

26 things to know about edible flowers

This handy guide to edible flowers (below) from flower card highlights how you can showcase several types of commonly found flowers in stunning recipes, elevating them everyday to pick of the day. 

Take common lawn daisies and turn them into colourful lollipops instead of chains, go purple with your baking using violets and lilacs and instead of scattering nasturtiums on your salad, try turning them into a tasty dish and stuffing them instead. You never know, you might even be tempted to tuck into the vase of roses! 

Find all the recipes and more in the handy guide to edible flowers below:

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