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This Flower Raindrop Cake is Beyond Beautiful

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This Flower Raindrop Cake is Beyond Beautiful
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As if the raindrop cake wasn't aesthetically pleasing enough, a cafe in Australia has now gone and added flowers into the mix. 

La Florasion in Sydney is encasing edible flowers inside the zero calorie cakes water cakes to create a flower raindrop cake, raising the dessert's instagrammability up to a whole new level. As with any water cake they don't taste of much – mildly of coconut by all accounts – being just water and agar, but this is all about the visuals. 

They aren't the first to make a flower raindrop cake by any stretch, but these have to be some of the prettiest we've seen. 

Recently, chef Darren Wong, the man behind the rebranding of the traditional Japanese water cake in the US as a 'Raindrop Cake,' unveiled a new recipe using purple ube, the yam found in many Filipino recipes. You can actually learn how to make your own water cake – it's easy!

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Almost too pretty to eat! 🌹✨ Tried the Ombre #roseflowerjelly with the gorgeous @cvnthiacho πŸ’•

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Cafe, Flower, More. La Floraison. @lafloraisonau 😊

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