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How to Make Flavoured Popcorn: Both Sweet and Savoury

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How to Make Flavoured Popcorn: Both Sweet and Savoury

Popcorn is the universal snack that bridges all ages, occasions, and flavour preferences from sweet to savoury.

While salted popcorn is still the savoury classic, popcorn is the perfect vehicle for any number of flavours with plenty of opportunities to pump in the flavour and devise your very own favourite flaour of gourmet popcorn.

Try reinventing your homemade popcorn with your own flavoured popcorn recipes and give your corn a flavoursome kick. Perfect for aperitivo or snack time, whether you want to go for Japanese inspired flavours for cocktail time or rainbow popcorn for party time.  

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Flavoured Popcorn Recipes

Savoury Flavoured Popcorn

Here's an an inspirational look at some of the most useful gourmet popcorn recipes, with four recipe ideas, including including Japanese, Indian and inspired flavours. Double entendres aside, there's plenty of food for thought from this entertaining duo.

Sweet Flavoured Popcorn

Caramel popcorn is always a party pleaser, perfect for curling up with a batch for watching movies or come dessert time. Here's how to make it:

Another cute idea for

Fruit Flavoured Popcorn

For the best of both worlds try fruit flavoured rainbow popcorn and add a splash of colour to your table come dessert time. Serve each colour up separately or go for the rainbow look by mixing up the colours and flavours together.


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