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Flavoured Mayonnaise: 20 Ways to Kick up Your Mayo

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Flavoured Mayonnaise: 20 Ways to Kick up Your Mayo
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Slathered on burgers, stirred into salads, sandwiched between bacon or simply for dipping, mayonnaise is the defining condiment of many a successful meal. 

Or at least, it was, until we discovered this handy food infographic from sheknows with 20 flavourful mayo mix-ins listing some tasty options to give your standard mayonnaise a flavour boost

Whether you make your own mayonnaise, or go for shop bought, try making flavoured mayonnaise to add extra spice, heat, colour or zest by mixing in these flavour combinations, from hot and spicy wasabi to zingy pesto.

Carefully fold in the extra ingredients, to avoid over working your mayo, keeping in mind liquids will make the emulsion thinner, while conversely, adding dry seasonings will help increase the viscosity.

Decide on a signature flavour dip and your burger and fries and may well take on a whole new dimension.

Take your pick:


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