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Are You Ready for Fizzy Milk?

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Are You Ready for Fizzy Milk?
Photo Rebecca Siegel / Flickr

No, we're not quite sure we are either, but a team of researchers say they have developed a milk that will eventually allow them to create a sparkling. fruit based milk.

The discovery was made by the German biochemist Sven Thormahlen and ex Heinz creative Matt Walker who say they can see the drink being popular with the teenage market. Though a quick look at YouTube shows they're not be the first to have the idea, the duo are hoping to create a product that will get younger people interested in milk, they're even suggesting that fizzy milk could be used to make cocktails.

The simple idea is to mix the new type of milk, which they describe as a type of whey with no fat, directly with fruit juice before carbonating it.

Metro reports that the new drink, which doesn't seem to have a name yet, will be sold in the UK and Singapore.

We're not quite sure this will be popular but the company behind it, Arla, are hoping it will be part of their plans to increase the global demand for milk b 2020.


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