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5 New Ways To Cook With Beer

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5 New Ways To Cook With Beer

Beer purists believe in drinking beer as is, whether in a bottle or a cold glass. But beer is a fun ingredient to experiment with, especially as the temperature spikes. Cooking with beer allows you to open a new dimension of flavor and excitement.

Every summer, recipes crop up for cooking a whole chicken with a beer can. Of course, there are other classics like steak and ale pie and beer batters for chicken, fish and vegetables. But we want to share with you five new ways of cooking with beer.

1. Arroz borracho
This 'drunken rice' recipe was passed on to me by a friend who is a native of Costa Rica and and avid beer drinker. He swears that substituting lager for half of the water in your rice recipe will yield fragrant results.

Photo: David Brown/Flickr

2. Honey Beer Barbecue Sauce
Making your own barbecue sauce is a tastier way fo enjoying your grilled foods, especially if you add beer. Here's a simple recipe for honey beer barbecue sauce courtesy of Yummly. For this recipe any beer will do.

Photo: Vibrant Spirit/Flickr

3. Guiness Beer Ice Cream
The natural creaminess of stouts, make this beer suitable for ice cream peparation. YumSugar has a great and easy recipe for turning a bottle of Guiness into luscious beer ice cream.

Via YumSugar

4. Beer Bouillabaisse
Transform this classic French seafood stew by adding Belgian beer. The citrus notes will pair well with the seafood and lend an added layer of aroma and flavor. Add a cup of beer to your stew as it simmers.

Photo: Miriam Kato/Flickr

5. Beer-battered apple fritters
Beer batter isn't just for fish or vegetables. How about using it on fruit? Tastebook provides a good recipe for beer-battered apple fritters. Ales and stouts are best for this recipe because of their malty notes. Serve the fritters with a sprinkle of powdered sugar.

Photo: Eclaire/Flickr

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