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Fish Fingers Celebrate 60 Years: We check out their Lasting Attraction

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Fish Fingers Celebrate 60 Years: We check out their Lasting Attraction

It’s been a big month for the UK with two national icons clocking up over six decades in service respectively. Last week was the Queen’s turn. Next week the birthday baton is passed to fish fingers turn when the humble breaded fish stick and childhood favourite turns 60.

Starting out as the unglamorous ‘no smell, no fuss’ convenient frozen breaded fish stick back in 1955 fish fingers have long since risen to the heady heights of haute cuisine. 

The small fish with a big reputation remains a staple of the British diet today with 1.5 million of fish fingers being eaten every day in the UK with a frightening three quarters of Brits getting their first taste of fish from a fish finger as a child.

From its early roots of one size to fit all fish fingers have come on a bit. – now there’s wholemeal coating, crispy batter and a choice of fish. Although we can’t claim to it being British fish, Around 99 per cent of the fish used in British fingers is imported from Iceland, Norway, Germany and Russia

Fish finger's have a place in the nations heart for many reasons. The childhood memories, as an easy kid’s tea time favourite, an affordable student staple and hangover remedy smothered in ketchup between two spongy pieces of white bread with a cup of tea, it can also be found at fancy street food events, and on the menu at smart restaurants, including Mark Hix, as well as almost all gastropubs.

Photo: Mr Michael Phams/Flickr

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