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The Decline of Fish and Chips

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The Decline of Fish and Chips

Fish and chips is a great British classic dish - crispy battered fish with soft, fluffy chips are enjoyed by millions of people in the UK every year. Although the dish remains largely the same than when it was first started in 1850, this can not be said for the price.

In this infographic designed by Baines and Ernst examines the rising cost of fish and chips from the 1850s when the first chippy was born in Lancashire to 2012.

It maps a rapid decline in fish and chip shops showing that the country has England has gone from 35,000 shops in 1930 to just 11,000 today.

It also has some interesting figures on the cost of a portion of fish and chips and how they cost on average 25 pence in 1970 compared with an average of 3.30 today.



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