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Fine Dining Etiquette - Which Knife and Fork to Use

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Fine Dining Etiquette - Which Knife and Fork to Use

Just what is that strange little knife on the end for? Why do I need two spoons? Fine dining etiquette is easy, when you have the know how, but being faced with a formally set fine dining table for the first time can be a little daunting.

That’s why this guide posted by The Huffington Post is so useful, it lays out a simple table setting with tips on how to make sure you sit down armed with the perfect fine dining etiquette.

From which knife to use for salad, fish and meat, to a brief explanation as to what all the glasses on the table are for.

There’s also etiquette tips on how to eat soup, how to hold the utensils correctly and how to propose a toast at the dining table correctly.

There’s also fine dining etiquette tips on how to signify to the staff that you’re finished with your meal by how you place the knife and fork on your plate. To go with this we also have this simple video guide on how to eat soup.




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