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This Fig Newton Recipe is Full of Childhood Nostalgia

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This Fig Newton Recipe is Full of Childhood Nostalgia

Fig newtons are a taste of childhood and you can make a grown up version that's just as a delicious but a whole lot fresher.

So how do you make grown-up fig newtons? There are many fig newton recipes online but we found one at The Faux Martha that really brings home the nostalgia.

Fun fact: did you know fig newtons have roots in Ancient Egypt? They are a modern version of a date-filled cookie known as ara'eesh.

What's in a fig newton recipe?

The fig newton recipe starts off with dried Mission figs, which are combined with a hint of citrus and cinnamon for an irresistible filling. The dough is infused with orange zest and orange juice for brightness.

Of course, the toughest part is getting that trademark log shape of the cookies. Thankfully, Melissa at The Faux Martha has great visual for how to get the shape just right, as you can see below.

Click here to get the full recipe and step-by-step instructions.

We hope you enjoyed this Best of the Blogs find. Stay tuned for more...

images via The Faux Martha

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