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7 Foods (Surprisingly) Fibre Rich

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7 Foods (Surprisingly) Fibre Rich

Cereals, vegetables and pulses: as well as those foods notoriously rich in fibre (whether soluble or insoluble) there are many others that can help us get our ideal daily dose of fibre. First of all, it must be said that those following a traditional Mediterranean diet can rest assured: two portions of vegetables and fruit every day facilitate a natural fibre intake. Cereals do the rest.

But if we were short of time, as often happens, and wished to absorb as much fibre as possible in the form of snacks or a packed lunch, which foods could be introduced (surprisingly) to our diet?

The following list of foods rich in fibre sets out to provide an indicative and by no means exhaustive answer, to point you fearlessly in the direction of a fibre-integrated diet. 


Containing plenty of vitamin C, water and folic acid, they act as antioxidants but, above all, are rich in fibre. You could take some to work as a mid-morning snack – without any added sugar of course. One cup of raspberries contains on average 8 grams of fibre and very few calories (about 70). Foto: ©Flickr/istolethetv 


Seeds in general, and chia seeds in particular, are a nutritional godsend. You can add them to the salad you eat in the office at lunchtime or start to use them in creamed vegetable soups. Fresh chia can also be consumed as a drink.


castagne ricche di fibre Are you out shopping and in need of a healthy, fibre-rich snack? Buy some hot chestnuts from the nearest stall and you will be sure to get the daily dose of fibre you need to keep fit. They also supply energy and rebalance your intestinal micro flora.


funghi ricchi di fibre We often forget the fact that mushrooms also contain plenty of fibre: 100 grams of mushrooms, for example, contain much more fibre than a slice of wholemeal bread. Amazing, isn’t it?


We will never tire of saying it: avocado is a super food and apart from all the vitamins, its ability to keep cholesterol at bay and its versatility in the kitchen, it is also rich in fibre. Start to add this fruit to your salads and you will not regret it. Foto: ©Flickr/Jaanus Silla


quinoa piena di fibreThree foods that have only recently become part of our everyday diet, but which are nevertheless rich in fibre. Bulgur (the processed groats of different types of germinated wheat grain, comprising durum wheat) can provide you with up to 6 grams of fibre. Instead, Amaranth and Quinoa are not actually grains but seeds, seeds that behave like cereals: both have around 5 grams of fibre per portion.


Generally speaking, all kinds of dried fruit contain a fair amount of fibre but none of them beat almonds: 30 grams of almonds contain 4 grams of fibre. An excellent snack which, along with fibre, also supplies the body with lots of proteins.   Foto: ©Flickr/HealthAliciousNess

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