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9 Desserts For A Sweeter Father's Day

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9 Desserts For A Sweeter Father's Day
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Even if dad won't admit it, he probably has a sweet tooth every now and then. So why not indulge him with a homemade sweet treat on Father's Day? Here are great dessert ideas that are fit for a cookout, a potluck dinner or anything else you've got planned for dad's big day. We've got desserts for every type of dad, from pie lovers and chocolate fans to the ones who likes to dip their hands in the cookie jar. Here's what you can make:

Lemon Bars

Add a sunny touch to your Father's Day festivities with these bright and tasty lemon bars. Be sure to make a bitch batch as these don't take long to disappear from the table!

Chocolate Cheesecake Muffins

Here's a great dessert idea that offers the best of two worlds: cheesecake and muffins. This dessert with a twist is perfect for chocoholics.

Rhubarb Strawberry Pie

Dad won't be the only one that will find this summer pie hard to resist. For the ultimate indulgence, serve it with homemade ice cream.

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

Dad will love this grown up take on a childhood favorite. These whoopie pies are incredibly easy to make and perfect for any summer celebration.

Fruit and Edible Flower Aspic

If dad is watching his figure or simply likes to keep things light, prepare this colorful aspic inspired by the works of the great Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

Coconut Rice with Mango

Can't treat dad to a Caribbean getaway? Then give him a taste of the tropics with this coconut rice pudding served with sliced ripe mangos.


If dad loves Italian food he'll be over the moon when you surprise him with homemade tiramisu infused with cognac.

Apricot Cookies

Dried apricots add sweetness and texture to this easy Father's Day treat. Store them in an ornate cookie jar so dad can indulge in them whenever he pleases.

Banana Cupcakes

Topped with a dollop of dulce de leche and a chocolate heart, these heavenly cupcakes are the easiest way to say I Love You.

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