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Infographic: 4 Easy Hacks To Chill Wine Fast

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Infographic: 4 Easy Hacks To Chill Wine Fast
Photo Dinner Series/Flickr

Did company drop by unannounced before you got a chance to chill some bubbly? No worries, with this nifty infographic from VinePair you'll learn four easy ways to chill wine in 15 minutes or less.

Chilling wine in 15 minutes or less is quite an ambitious premise but these four easy tricks will make it happen. Guaranteed. The best part is that these hacks are all pretty straightforward and can be done with items you probably have in your kitchen, such as paper towels and salt.

The infographic doesn't just tell you how to chill your wine but also how long each method will take and the proper wine serving temperature for whites, bubbly and rosé and reds (that's right, red wine should be served cooler than you think!). Check it out:

4 Ways To Quickly Cool Your Wine To The Perfect Temperature

Via Vine Pair

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