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18 Fancy Restaurant Recipes You Can Make at Home

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18 Fancy Restaurant Recipes You Can Make at Home

You don't have to be a Michelin-starred chef to cook like one. However, what you do need are fancy restaurant recipes to play with in the comfort of your kitchen. Perhaps you are in the mood for a luxurious risotto? Or maybe that decadent chocolate cake you had at your last outing? Whatever your culinary desires, we've got fancy restaurant recipes that are delicious, fun and innovative. Try them all. Who knows? You might just impress that special someone. Buon appetito!

Fancy Restaurant Recipes for Italian Risotto

Creamy, flavorful and with just enough bite, there's nothing quite as satisfying as mastering the art of making the perfect risotto. Practice your technique by making Carlo Cracco's black sesame and apple risotto or this delectable risotto with scampi (pictured above) from the famed Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence.

Fancy Restaurant Recipes from Massimo Bottura

Italy's most celebrated chef creates stunning dishes inspired by art. If you'd like to cook like Massimo Bottura try starting with his iconic foie gras popsicle (pictured above), in which beer-marinated foie gras is turned into silky cinnamon-and-balsamic-spiked ice cream. For a savory treat, try recreating his eclectic chicken salad.

Fancy Restaurant Recipes for Spaghetti

This isn't grandma's spaghetti! You'll love these five Michelin-starred spaghetti recipes developed by Italian chefs like Davide Oldani,  Luigi Taglienti and Davide Scabin for the inaugural Live from Milan - an event where chefs were challenged to create unique Italian spaghetti recipes.

Fancy Restaurant Recipes for Sous Vide Dishes

The trademark of modern cuisine, sous vide is a technique that has revolutionized restaurant meals. It can easily be applied to both sweet and savory dishes and is especially beneficial in the preparation of meats. Here are five our favorite sous vide recipes from restaurants around the world including one very special dessert from the Modernist Cuisine Cooking lab.

Fancy Restaurant Recipes for Sinful Desserts

If you love chocolate as much as we do you'll fall head over heels for Ivo Adam's liquid chocolate cake, which is infused with port and merlot. For a nice caffeine fix  you can indulge in this divine chocolate, caramel and coffee custard. Those with an artistic streak might enjoy making meringue with white chocolate ganache or this whimsical yo-yo English trifle.

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