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16 Tasty Fall Fruits and Vegetables | Infographic

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16 Tasty Fall Fruits and Vegetables | Infographic

Wondering what Fall fruits and veggetables are available this Autumn? This time of the year offers a bounty of fresh produce thanks to Harvest season. You are probably familiar with staples like corn, pumpkin and apples but did you know figs and pomegranate are all perfect Fall fruits and vegetables to cook with at home?

This nifty infographic from The Clean Sheep highlights 16 Fall fruits and veggies that will start cropping up at your local farmers' markets if they haven't done so already. It's a great printable you can hang on your fridge and use as a guide to creating delicious seasonal meals. You'll be pleased to see it's the best time of the year to enjoy fruits like grapes and oranges - they are both exceptionally sweet and delicious when at their peak. 

Picky eaters may not be thrilled that Brussels sprouts and kale are on the list but there are plenty of great meals you can prepare with both veggies. We're especially keen on this Thanksgiving side made with Brussels sprouts, chestnuts and a yummy balsamic cream.

Take a look below for a complete list of Fall fruits and vegetables and remember... everything tastes better when in season!


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