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How Fake Wine is Actually Made

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How Fake Wine is Actually Made

Fake wine is big business. With millions of dollars in fake bottles suspected to be in cellars all over the world and certain individuals making themselves a fortune from bottling and selling counterfeit vintages, it’s a lucrative market that’s much bigger than you might expect.

This brilliant documentary from Food Republic looks at the art of fake wine, focusing in on two of the biggest names in fake wine and just how they managed to infiltrate some of the world’s biggest auction houses with their counterfeit products.

It also tells the story of how the only way one of them was busted was because he conned the wrong Billionaire who launched and funded his own investigation to uncover the fraud.

If you’ve ever wonder how fake wine is actually made, the work that goes into conning people and just how much money is at stakes - this is the perfect documentary to watch.


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