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What Does a $140 Melon Taste Like?

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What Does a $140 Melon Taste Like?

How much would you pay for a melon – a few dollars maybe? Even for the plumpest, sweetest, juiciest melon, would you pay $140?

In Japan and other parts of Asia, where they are seen as a status symbols or often given as gifts, rare and designer fruits command high prices. This pair of melons, for instance, sold for $26,000, while this bunch of grapes sold for a staggering $11,000.

At your average supermarket, you can pick up a standard piece of fruit or something a bit special, like a $140 melon. That’s exactly what Simon and Martina did in the video below, in order to taste test it, and further down, Japan’s famous white strawberries, priced at around $5 a berry.

And what did this very expensive fruit taste like? Was it out of this world compared to the everyday fruit you can pick up? Find out below.

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