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7 Exotic Fruits Worth Getting to Know

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7 Exotic Fruits Worth Getting to Know

Summer never seems so distant as in these early days of autumn. And then, to fight nostalgia, we turn to exotic fruits of varied in shapes and aromas to bring sunshine into our kitchens.

Here is a list of our favorite exotic fruits suitable for many sweet and savory recipes.  


The flavor is halfway between maple syrup and sweet potato: is this not enough to convince you to try "the gold of the Incas"?

Learn how to eat lucuma.

Passion Fruit

Did you know that a single passion fruit contains as much phosphorous as two or three bananas? It has plenty of other health benefits.

Discover passion fruit from A to Z.

Dragon Fruit

Isn't dragonfruit beautiful? This stunning exotic fruit isn't just a pretty decoration for your table - use it in fruit salads and smoothies.

Learn all about dragon fruit.


Papain, an enzyme in papaya, helps promote the digestion of proteins. That's why we should eat more papaya.

Discover papaya A to Z and tips on how to eat papaya.


Yuzu is especially popular in Japanese cuisine. Don't just use the juice, the peel is highly aromatic and makes for a great addition to sauces and baked goods.

Discover how to eat yuzu.


The national fruit of Pakistan, guava is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and anti-aging properties.

Here is everything you need to know about guava.

Jabong Fruit

Jabong fruit, also known as pomelo, is tricky to peel but the flavor is worth all the effort.

Learn all about jabong fruit.

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