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15 Unique European Foods to Try

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15 Unique European Foods to Try

Here's a fun infographic from Jet 2 detailing 15 unique European foods that you have to try at least once. 

There are some, like frogs legs for example, that you will have heard of, but others maybe not so if you haven't spent too much time in said countries, as they're very much local delicacies.

We wonder, how many of these foods have you tried? Are you adventurous enough to give some of these a go? Let us know over on our Facebook page.

What's considered weird is subjective of course, but these 15 European foods are certainly unique and the kind of foods that probably grow on you the more time you spend in a country. 

But if you are looking for really weird foodstuffs, take a look at this infographic featuring 21 weird foods from around the world.

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