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Euro 2016: France v Iceland in Dishes

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Euro 2016: France v Iceland in Dishes

As the whistle blows and Italy and Germany kick off on the pitch, France and Iceland will be the next two nations ramping up to face off for a place in the semi-final of the Euro Championships 2016.

Will the gastronomic giant of France dominate on the pitch as well as the kitchen, showcasing technique and tried and tested methods, or will it be the nordics cutting edge cuisine and novel ingredients that puts Iceland in the limelight on the big night?

Whilst their fancy footwork will do the talking on the pitch we take a look at some of their traditional foods that speak for themselves in the kitchen.

1. Iconic Bread: Baguette v Rye Bread

Nothing says France quite like the traditional baton shaped baguette beloved by a nation. But how does its flavour stack up against the lesser known, but equally traditional, dense and sweet rye bread from Iceland, traditionally baked in geothermally heated earthen pits?

2. Iconic Dairy: Camembert V Skyr

Oozing ripe camembert from France's Normandy comes up against Iceland's increasingly popular dairy export, skyr. Does the globally popular cheese have what it takes to out do the thick creamy skyr that Icelander's have attributed to aiding a longer life expectancy?


3. Iconic Herbs: Herbs de Provence v Icelandic Moss

Hailing from the South East, France's iconic Herbs de Provence sum up the essence of the region, perfect for flavouring fish, meat and stews but how does it stand up against Icelandic Moss's with its health credentials? Baked into breads, cooked into soups and more the Icelandic lichen is a traditional ingredient packed with nutritional qualities that are hard to overlook.

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