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7 Essential Cooking Tools for Thanksgiving

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7 Essential Cooking Tools for Thanksgiving
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We could all use an extra hand on Thanksgiving Day. While someone isn't always there to help, you can always turn to these handy kitchen tools to assist you in preparing the feast of a lifetime. These essential tools for Thanksgiving will help you every step of the way - from roasting and basting your bird to making the perfect gravy. This way you can spend more time with your guests instead of in the kitchen.

1. Roasting Pan and Rack

When you choose a roasting pan make sure it's big enough to hold your bird and it comes with a roasting rack. A rack promotes even cooking as it allows air to circulate around the turkey. It also allows the drippings from your roast to drip to the bottom of the pan, resulting in a crispier bird.

Via Williams-Sonoma

2. Turkey Forks

Want to avoid disaster when you move your roasted turkey to a carving board? All you have to do is invest in turkey forks. These giant forks will allow you to lift and transport your bird safely so you lessen the risk of burning yourself or dropping the turkey in the process.

Via Williams-Sonoma

3. Turkey Baster

A baster in an essential tool for a juicy bird. This particular model sold at Williams-Sonoma has a heat-resistant angled tip for easy suctioning. It also comes with two handy silicone attachments and a cleaning brush.

Via Williams-Sonoma

4. Fat Separator

You'll need a fat separator if you want to prepare a luscious gravy with pan drippings. This tool will allow the fat to settle on the top so you can make use of the pan juices only. Look for one with a strainer to make things even easier.

Via Williams-Sonoma

5. Carving Knife

Having the right type of knife on hand will help you cut into your bird with ease. Look for a carving knife that's long, slim and has a flexible tip. This way you'll slice through Thanksgiving turkey like it's butter.

Via Chef's Catalog

6. Carving Board

You don't need a fancy carving board like the one pictured here (although that never hurt anyone) but you do need a solid board with wells to trap all of the juices from your roast. This way you won't make a mess at the table or countertop.

Via Chef's Catalog

7. Meat Thermometer

With a meat thermometer you won't have to play a guessing game to know when your turkey is ready. You can opt for a manual or digital thermometer, it's really up to your preferences and budget. Remember, poultry should be consumed only after it reaches an internal temperature of 165F.

Via Williams-Sonoma

Did we miss an essential cooking tool? Is there one you'd add to the list? We'd love to hear from you so drop us a line in the comments below. Happy Thanksgiving planning!

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