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Are Ripert and Bourdain Launching a Chocolate Bar?

By FDL on

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Are Ripert and Bourdain Launching a Chocolate Bar?
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It seems that email invitations sent around the food world announcing that Eric Ripert and Anthony Bourdain will be working together on a chocolate bar have caused quite the stir.

Invitations went out for journalists to come and sample Good & Evil, a new chocolate bar at New York's Ardesia Wine Bar.

News of collaboration is sparse and the duos involvement is still not certain but Grub Street reports that Ripert has been working on a project with chocolatier Christopher Curtin.

Ripert told FDL at the beginning of the year that he had an exciting project to announce from his time in Peru and Grub Street adds that the chef told them about going out there to research a plantation where a rare form of cacao has been discovered.

Could Good & Evil chocolate be the product of this trip and what's Mr Bourdain's part in it all? It's these questions that have chocoholics all excited.

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