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Remembering elBulli: 11 Iconic Ferran Adrià Dishes

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Remembering elBulli: 11 Iconic Ferran Adrià Dishes

In 2010 Ferran Adrià announced the closure of elBulli, seen by many as the best restaurant in the world, located in Roses in the Catalonia region of Spain. Three Michelin stars, number one in the World's 50 Best Restaurants and dishes that have made culinary history – it had left an irreversible imprint on gastronomy by the time of its final service in 2011.

But, elBulli lives on and has become a foundation centered on creativity and constant experimentation, following the kitchen cornerstones of the great restaurant. To date, there are two spaces: the Lab in Barcelona, ​​where 70 people pursue different creative projects focused on various areas of food and cooking, and elBulli 1846 in Montjoi, which will soon become a space where 20 people work six months of the year on applied creativity and gastronomy.

Ferran Adrià, with his brother Albert and his team, continues to work on different projects and restaurants in Spain and around the world. Let's take a look at some of the chef's most celebrated dishes, isons of modernist cuisine:



11 iconic elBulli Dishes

A true icon of molecular gastronomy and perhaps Adrià's most famous dish, the liquid olive, which can still be sampled at Albert Adria's Tickets bar in Barcelona. A true icon of molecular gastronomy.


The Thaw – green pinecone-infused sorbet, with toasted pine nuts. Pretty as a picture.


Iranian caviar, except not Iranian caviar. Rather, a caviar of melon with passion fruit.

Coral made from chocolate and raspberry powder.

See more signature dishes and videos below, further reminders, if needed, of just how revolutionary the restaurant was.




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