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Make a Waffle Without Cracking a Single Egg

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Make a Waffle Without Cracking a Single Egg

Eggless waffles are a good breakfast solution for vegans, those with an egg allergy or simply for a Sunday morning when you're all out of eggs and your heart is set on a waffle fueled brunch. Very easy to make and with similar results, even an egg loving waffle expert might find it difficult to distinguish an eggless waffle from a standard waffle.  

Using most of the pantry ingredients found in a traditional waffle recipe, an eggless waffle recipe simply omits the eggs and substitutes in other wet ingredients. Try using different types of flour, including wholewheat and buckwheat, or going totally vegan using vegan substitutes for milk and butter.

Waffles made without eggs might need a little longer in the waffle iron than their egg containing counterparts, particularly if you prefer a crispy outside. Below are some scrumptious eggless waffle recipes to get you started.


As you may already know, banana is a very popular vegan egg substitute. It's a fruit whose texture lends itself well to countless preparations including decadent waffles. In this video celebrated vlogger Cooking With Plants prepares waffles with just two ingredients: 1 banana + oats. With just a little bit of water and a quick spin in the mixer the waffle recipe is done. You'll need to grease the waffle iron to prevent sticking and cook it just like you would a classic waffle.

Here's the video so you can get it just right: 



This decadent eggless waffle recipe is a bit more decadent and complex. You'll need non-dairy milk, different flours, oats, sugar, powdered ginger, molasses, cinnamon and salt. It's the perfect vegan waffle to make during the holidays or anytime you need a bit of extra spice in your life.

Get the full recipe and start making it today.


Quinoa lovers will enjoy this tempting recipe from vlogger Peaceful Cuisine. It combines quinoa, oats and a luscious coconut whipped cream infused with maple syrup. It's incredibly easy to make and it can all be mixed in a blender. He makes it on a stovetop waffle maker but you can use an electric one.

The recipe does recipe a special whipped cream dispenser but if you don't have one just try this easy trick to make coconut whipped cream.

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