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How to make the perfect eggless milk pudding at home

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How to make the perfect eggless milk pudding at home

Home-made milk pudding is an Italian culinary tradition contemplating the serving of a “spoonable” dessert at the end of important lunches or dinners. Home-made vanilla-flavoured milk pudding is simple to make and sure to delight all those who appreciate a sweet course at the end of a meal. So here are some very useful cooking tips for serving an eggless home-made pudding that is sure to amaze your guests.

Click here for the full eggless pudding recipe

- Without eggs, a pudding risks being dull. For this reason we suggest you add one part of eggless confectioner’s custard to the basic recipe to give it consistency, colour and a tantalizing flavour.

- Once made, it is important for the pudding to rest in the fridge inside its single portion mould for at least 3 hours, to enable it to solidify. Shortly before serving the pudding, take it out of the fridge and place the moulds in boiling water for just a few seconds. In this way, the pudding will slip cleanly out of the mould and will look perfect when you take it to the table.

All you have to do now is amaze your guests with a delicious home-made eggless pudding!

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