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5 types of edible seaweed and how to use them

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5 types of edible seaweed and how to use them
Photo Jeff Kubina / Flickr

Vitamin-packed seaweed has emerged as a new superfood. Not only does it contain a concentrated source of calcium and iodine, it has also been found to have natural antioxidant properties.

There are many types of edible seaweed and it can come in a variety of guises. Ever got confused between your wakame and your kombu, or just don't have a clue about either?

This infographic gives a nice visual identifying 5 types of edible seaweed in their pre-preparation phase followed by a couple of dishes to show how to put seaweed to good use in the kitchen.

Or, if you don't fancy cooking with seaweed, you could always try making a seaweed lampshade or even to insulate your house.



Also, try our miso soup recipe with seaweed

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