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Addicted To Raw Cookie Dough? Try These Fun Recipes With a Twist

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Addicted To Raw Cookie Dough? Try These Fun Recipes With a Twist

What could be better than chocolate chip cookies? Eating raw chocolate chip cookie dough, of course! Are you with us?

If you are a fan of raw edible cookie dough then you'll enjoy this recipe collection. You'll find everything from traditional cookie dough made with pasteurized eggs to vegan and gluten-free versions perfect for foodies with allergies. 

Every recipe is a fun way to indulge in one of life's greatest desserts.


Let's start with the basics. To make edible raw cookie dough the best thing is to use pasteurized eggs. If you don't have them on hand you could also substitute with a vegan flax egg.

This easy recipe requires sugar (white or brown, you decide) butter, vanilla extract and flour. Needless to say, you'll also need loads of chocolate chips. Yum! The end result? Just take a look at the picture up top.

There are so many uses for edible raw cookie dough. One of our favorites are these Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites - a delicious no-bake snack you can store in the refrigerator for whenever a chocolate craving strikes.

You can also kick up your cookie dough bites by adding just a little cinnamon, powdered ginger or even powdered cardamom. Use your imagination!


Is it possible to enjoy cookie dough even if you have food allergies? What about finding tasty cookie dough that is vegan, gluten free and dairy free? Absolutely!

Here is a great recipe you can follow step by step.

Chocolate Stuffed Cookie Dough Bites are our latest obsession. There are made with oats, coconut, peanut butter, chocolate chips and melted chocolate. It is sheer decadence and one of the best ways to indulge in raw edible cookie dough.

 Learn how to make them.


Chocolate chip cookie dough hummus is a surefire way to enjoy a guilt-free treat. You can make it with just peanut butter, chickpeas, maple syrup, vanilla, oat milk and chocolate chips. We promise it is delicious!

Try the recipe now. 

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