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Cooking With Edible Flower Buds: The Best Of The Bud Blogs

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Cooking With Edible Flower Buds: The Best Of The Bud Blogs

Fine Dining Lovers aims to be your complete guide to the world of edible flowers. We have featured everything from viola lollipops to cookies with edible sugar flowers. Now, we bring you the best blogs and websites for the emerging trend of edible flower buds.

Why settle for decorating your plate with flower petals when you can impress guests by cooking up some edible flower buds instead? The following webites are a great resource for those curious about experimenting with edible flower buds in the kitchen.

FDL Blog Picks:

Apple Drane - This is an excellent food and photography blog featuring elegant photos and recipes. Blogger Stuart Ovenden shares his recipe for pickled dandelion buds. The London-based blogger proposes brining as a way of adding even more flavor to edible dandelion buds.

Hounds in the Kitchen - Blogger Rachel Tayse Baillieul prides herself in her home cooking and gardening skills. What distinguishes her from other bloggers is that she shares her tips on foraging edible flower buds - not just cooking them.  

The Slow Cook - This blog advertises itself as the ''urban insurgents guide to real food for life.'' The Slow Cook is based in Washington, D.C., literally just one mile from the White House. It provides a host of gardening tips, as well as information on how to recognize edible flower buds. 

FDL Website Picks:

Yummly - Aficionados of cooking edible flower buds will get their fix from this website, which features recipes ranging from sweet to savory dishes. You will find anything you wanted to know about cooking with flower buds and combining them with other ingredients.

Epicurean - Aside from giving you a brief history on edible flowers, this website gives you the best tool possible: an edible flower glossary. You will learn everything about edible flowers - appearance, taste and their culinary uses.

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