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The Unusual Eating Habits of Successful People

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The Unusual Eating Habits of Successful People
Photo © The White House

Here’s an insightful infographic from Unum via Design Taxi concerning the eating habits of successful people.

The first thing that will strike you is how bad some of the diets are. For example, philanthropist Warren Buffet starts the day with ice-cream, while the late writer Patricia Highsmith eased herself into each morning with “cigarettes, coffee, a doughnut and a saucer of sugar.”

The two current Presidential hopefuls are also represented: Hillary Clinton loves to chow on a fresh raw chilli every day for it’s supposed immune-boosting properties, while Donald Trump, predictably, has a junk food heavy diet akin to that of a “teenage boy.”

The strangest food habit is ascribed to the late Steve Jobs, who would only eat one vegan foodstuff for weeks at a time, carrots for instance, believing it prevented body odour.

Making an incredible success of life is the world's oldest person, 116-year-old Italian Emma Morano (not featured here), who has revealed her dietary secrets: two raw eggs and a handful of cookies a day.

Check out the infographic below and find plenty more food infographics here.

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